Top 11 Of The Best Binary Options Brokers On The Market

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Online Broker Deposit Bonus?

The extra money received after funding your first deposit on the broker site.

USA Accounts?

The possibility to open up and trade from an account if you are an American resident.

Lowest Deposit % ROI Customer Care?

Return On Investment - the plus sum received after a winning trade. If you invest $1000, and get an extra of $760, the ROI was 76%. The final payout is $1760.

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Binary Options Trading - easy income, made online

Lately, you have probably heard about binary options and it may have seemed to you like just another method to be scammed online. Let us tell you that this is entirely false. Binary options trading is a secure and legislated form of investing in assets and consequently gaining big profits. You are not in any way obliged to pay something up front in order to get the product, that later will help you make money, like it’s the case for other web based businesses. With binary options you just invest what you want, when you want and benefit from your wins.

In the past years, there was another online trend that was similar to trading with binary options, it was called Forex transacting and was quite a headache to get its gist and be able to make some actual profits. You had to predict the market changes, buy several assets and wait for the best moment to sell them at a higher price. This is not the case anymore with binary options trading. Why? You will find more about this in the following paragraphs.

What are binary options, in fact?

Binary options refer, as their name states it very well, to the fact that you have two possible options from which to choose. More detailed: when accessing a trading platform from one of the brokers’ websites, you will see a graph that has some values that oscillate in real time. These numbers represent the importance an asset has, importance that changes through time. Your job is to decide if in the following 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes an asset’s value will rise or fall and after you have made up your mind, simply push the afferent buttons.

These buttons names differ from site to site, so you need not to worry if you see distinct words that, in fact, refer to the same idea: binary options. So, the two options you are faced with, when trading, can be called: Up/Down, High/Low, Call/Put. It is pretty obvious what their names stand for: the direction an asset’s value will take. If you think Gold’s importance, for example, will increase in the following minutes, then you need to press the Up/High/Call button, if you think the exact opposite, press the other option that remained. Simple!

Are there any tips and tricks worth to be known?

As in any other domain, in binary options trading there are some strategies that could help you improve your experience. For example, when you are placing the orders for a certain asset, try not to predict the value too ahead. Predictions that are closer in time tend to be the winning ones. The explanation is simple: you can approximate the next change on the graph much easier for a period of 5 minutes, than for one of an hour. In conclusion, when you decided which button you want to push, do this only for the assets that will expire in the following few minutes, rather than for some that have a more extended expiration date.

Another tip would be to try and stay informed at all times of the week. Read the newspapers, watch the news, surf online for quicker results or do this in any other way you think fits you best, but, at all costs, be always ahead of the market. In this way you will know that Oil’s price is on the rise or the contrary, if Gold is still very valuable or if Gazprom, for example, has suffered a terrible fall lately. These little details that may seem unimportant to many, are the key to your successful binary options trades.

Are there any risks? What should I pay attention to?

Since you will be trading with your own personal funds you might want to be attentive not to become over enthusiastic and invest too much money from the start. If you are a pro in this domain and already know all the mechanisms involved like the back of your hand, then you know what you are doing. But, for the people who are still at the beginning, there are some safety measures that are good to be taken into consideration, if not followed.

At first, you should invest only smaller sums, 50 dollars, 100 dollars, something like that. After you have performed several transactions and you fully understood how binary options trading works, you can become more confident and start investing more generous sums. Also, there are some brokers that offer you the possibility to secure a part of the money you put in the game. This amount can be predefined or you can choose it when you trade, and if you choose it, the bigger the secured amount selected, the smaller the final payout.

If you want to find out more about the particularities every binary options broker has, you are more than welcomed to consult our 11 reviews and the comparison table that will help you decide which broker is the best for you. There, you will see that we ranked them after a general mark that is explained in the reviews. You should not only chase after the biggest payout a certain binary options site offers, but take into consideration the reliability, usability, and if you are an American citizen, the possibility to use that particular broker.

A round up

The general idea that has to be drawn from here is that binary options trading is a simple and entertaining endeavor, fit for everybody. The transactions can be performed easily and you do not need to invest more than you would like because this business is conducted entirely by yourself. The decision making process is a brief one, you only have to choose between two possible values an asset will have in the future, there are only two buttons to be pressed and the exchange was made.

There are some tips that could help you have better results: reading the news, not investing too much from the first time and opting for a secured sum would be some of them. For the rest of the suggestions, strategies, hacks and how to better trade ideas, feel free to check our video reviews. They are comprehensive, present the entire brokers websites and give you a full insight of how it is to place trades, choose assets, decide between the options and have big wins almost every time.

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